Guardian Angels Primary School Students Private & Small Group Classes

Age Group: 
Class Time: 
Before During and After School
Class Cost: 
$115 for 8 x 30 min. Small Group Classes Per Term Private Class pricing is $35 per half hour.


We are very excited to be joining the Guardian Angels Primary School in 2014 as small and private class Speech and Drama teachers!

Our aim is to give the students an enjoyable, eductaional class within school hours or if required before or after school.

We look forward to taking our students through the Trinity College of London Examinations.* These exams are a fantastic way to help your child gain scholarships as well as being credited towards schooling in their later years. Please see below information regarding points off their O.P. Scores.

Apart from Trinity we would also love to give every student the opportunity to compete in Gold Coast Eisteddfods, The sommerset festival for young performers and even if they wish eistedfodds in other areas of Queensland and NSW.

Some of the things we will do in each class are:

Exercises for developing the strength and flexibility of the tongue, lips, jaw, hard palate and soft palate.

Mime and improvisation.

Poetry, prose, duo dramas and monologues to develop language and memory as well as performance and communication skills..

Concentration and memory games.

We are happy to help with any school projects a student may have in regards to Public Speaking or Oral Presentations

Drama games to promote quick thinking, problem solving, self confidence and positive social interaction.

We will have opportunities for children to be in group eistedfodd pieces* with children of their own age as well as being able to present to parents a concert each year to show off some of the things they have learnt throughout the year.

We will offer Small group 4-6 Students and Private Classes.

Small group classes will have the opportunity to perform as a group and also individually in Eistedfodds and Exams.

Tailored Private classes will focus on getting the best from each student helping them reach further in their Eisteddfod and Exam goals.

Teachers are fully qualified so can offer an educational yet fun experience to these Speech and Drama classes!


In Australia, all Tertiary institutions recognize Trinity grades and diplomas as awards assisting applicants to gain entry. A large number of universities now provide additional bonus points for entry upon successful completion of Trinity diplomas.

In Queensland, Trinity grades (from Grade 5) and diplomas are included on students’ Queensland Certificate of Education.

Grades 5 - 7 in all subjects are rated as 1 point.

Grade 8; Advanced Performers & Professional Certificates and Diplomas rate as 2 points.

* Extra Fees apply

To enrol your child in our fabulous classes please email us at or call Kellie on 1300853011 / 0414754977  We will send you out an enrolment form.

We look forward to hearing from you!!