Our AIM is to have classes packed full of fun, serious learning and new friendships with caring and committed teachers. Each child's journey in drama is unique, and it is important to us to nurture and support each individual. We value the joy of learning and have serious FUN as we learn.

Our GOAL is to have each individual perform to the absolute best of their ability;

  • We are a theatre academy devised to teach acting and performing techniques at an age-appropriate level to children and teenagers.
  • Each class level presents a progression from basic performance to being able to perform challenging improvisations, role plays, and have an ability to interpret complex stagecraft and choreography, and have an in-depth understanding of the acting genres.
  • Our students learn all the appropriate theatre and acting terminology, and how to perform confidently (and enjoy the experience) on stage, to camera and for various other audiences.
  • At GCYTA, we not only nurture kids acting skills, we help them have a voice, be able to speak up for themselves and gain confidence in socialising with their peers.
  • Taking the stage in front of an audience takes courage and confidence - we encourage all of our students to be an active member and never fade into the background.
  • We value every child and treat all children with care and respect.