Welcome to the Gold Coast Youth Theatre Academy

We offer a yearly "student of the year" full scholarship to a student based on acting ability, teamwork, behaviour, and commitment to learning. Other part scholarships are awarded: one to each group Mini Starz, Junior Starz, Starz and Star Performers for outstanding acting ability or outstanding improvement also. (The only criteria for gaining a scholarship is that the students awarded must have studied with us for a year, or the greater part there of).

We always give our full support and encouragement to our STARZ (students) whether they aspire to dizzy heights or are happy just to gain self confidence. We teach dramatic skills to help earn roles in school plays or in our own fabulous full stage theatrical productions. Some of our STARZ have shone big and bright and gone on to NIDA, Tertiary Drama Schools and to act in movies or do adds on television. We often liaze with agents and production companies to provide our students with as many opportunities as possible.

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